"Letter to Concerned Care" campaign

Why do the initiative?


Very often, the public officials, especially at higher levels, make decisions for children in foster families that are led by their political beliefs and affiliations.

Not blaming them, but the politicians do not think that behind certain of their decisions stand children stories, real children and their real problems and needs.

At the same time, recently the National Association of Foster Care notes behaviour of those who have to care for foster parents - their social workers, which does not correspond with professional ethics, partnership approach and the principles of good communication in the interest the child. Experts are increasingly held administrative and unfriendly, and used their authority power as a tool for communication.

National Foster Care Association organized "Letter to Concerned Care" campaign to bring foster parents closer to authorities.


How will the foster parents get closer to authorities?

National Association of Foster Care Foster Parent invites everyone to write a personal letter to the Prime Minister.


What will happen to the letters of the foster parents?

Miroslav Dolapchiev, chairman of the National Association of Foster Care will deliver letters to the Prime Minister, the Minister of Labour and Social Policy of the State Agency for Child Protection and other responsible politicians who make decisions for the children. Transmission of letters will happen during informal event in early December.


Please, send letters supporting the initiative till 11.29.2013

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