“Bike for Waste, Bicycle for a Child”

“Bike for Waste, Bicycle for a Child”

 “Bike for Waste, Bicycle for a Child”

For a third year in a row 1bike bicycle workshop starts the campaign “Bike for Waste, Bicycle for a Child”. In partnership with Drag Zone stores, the bike craftsmen will repair old bikes and will make the summer of dozens of children happier. This year, their minimum goal is to cheer up 100 children, deprived of parental care and placed in foster families. Partner of the initiative is the National Foster Care Association, the only parent organization, defending the rights of children in foster care.

What are our goals for 2017 with “Bike for Waste, Bicycle for a Child” initiative

In 2015, our friends from 1bike gathered over 100 bicycles, and out of them they managed to repair 70 and to make happy 70 children in Dryanovo. In 2016 the campaign expanded and there were over 350 bikes collected, 300 repaired successfully. Our friends from 1bike succeeded in rewarding 250 children from the cities of Popovo, Knezha, Lom, Nova Zagora, Kubrat, Etropole and Tryavna .

This year the campaign is again supported by Drag Bicycles. They will provide parts, will accept donations and will help with the repairs of the bikes. The organizers thank DHL, which last year handled perfectly the logistics of over 350 bikes, and this year they support the campaign again. They also thank Imaginarium toy store chain and Sofia Ring Mall, which will provide additional locations for donations, convenient to all southern districts of Sofia. Big thank also to “I CAN” Association in Drianovo.

Our plan

The campaign was launched on April 17, 2017 and will continue until May 31, 2017. There are three stages.

The first stage is gathering the bicycles.

We appeal again to the good people in Bulgaria, who can and want to donate their old and useless bikes or parts. Children are aged from 3-4 to 18-19 years, so we accept bikes of all sizes. We will bring them in street worthiness, and if they are heavily damaged, we will find a way to use parts of them for other bikes.

Donate a bike, see how and when

The second stage is the repair of bicycles

All donated bicycles and parts will be gathered in Dryanovo, where our friends from 1bike will work together with volunteers. In April and May they will organize several working weekends with an entertainment program for the good people, who will dedicate their time to support for the campaign. If you want to help, do it here.

Weekends are planned in the following way:

Weekend 1: April 29/30

Weekend 2: May 13/14

Weekend 3: May 28/29

Weekend 4: June 3/4 (will be organized in case we don’t manage with the work during the first three weekends)

If you wish to become craftsmen, you can e-mail us: SEE WHERE AND HOW

In the third stage we will deliver the repaired bicycles.

The bicycles for children from foster families will be sent by courier.

Let the work begin!

We'll keep you posted with the development of the campaign. Follow the news on our site and the site of the initiative.

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