Christmas for the Forgotten Children!

Today is 26th of December, Christmas, and if there’s a bigger gift for us, it’s the smiles of the children, to which we gave joy this Christmas. The children from boarding school in Gostilitza near Dryanovo.

And the peace. We are peaceful, because we know, that the 50 children received the basics to be healthy and to study.

For those, who read this outside the context of what’s happening around us in the last month, we clarify – the campaign for collecting gifts and shoes for the kids from “Vasil Levski” school in thevillageofGostilitzais now over. And it was more than a success.

The collected gifts are more than 500 until this moment. 50 of them were separated for the Gostilitza children. The others are or about to be distributed for other children in need. 100 of the gifts will reach foster families in the areas:Vidin,Stara Zagora,Shumen, Targovishte,Pleven. With our friends from “I CAN” association we’ll send gifts and to children from the homes: "Asen Zlatarov"Sofia; in Blagoevgrad and in Strazhitza.

The gifts are a symbol of Christmas and make children’s eyes glow. But in our personal world those gifts aren’t the most important thing for the campaign’s success even though being so many.

More important is, that after the big response a sponsor appeared, providing heating for the school for the whole winter season

More important is, that thanks to the good hearts from the people in student’s ansamble “Zornitza” and their concert before Christmas, the children now have warm winter shoes on their feet. We’re thanking Gabby and the whole crew of MTSOFT, for helping us finding the proper offer for the shoes and for being our embassadors of kindness in Gostilitza.

More important is, that every kid has a toothbrush and toothpaste for months ahead. We thank our friends from Pierre Fabre for the willingness to donate quality cosmetics for children’s teeth.

More important is, that the school is secured with educational materials for the whole year, thanks to our friends from „Prosveta“ publishers, and the educational center „I know and I can“ inSofia.

More important is, we supplied the school with food, making the holidays more delicious and nourishing for the children.

What happened- you can see in the following video (BG)

We all made great efforts.  “Zornitza” ansamble decided to create donating campign on this year’s concert before Christmas and completely thanks to them we collected the money for the shoes. Besides, they came to v.Gostilitza, dressed as Santa Claus and his antourage and for nearly two hours they sincerely brought joy to the children. And our friends from “I CAN” association, Dryanovo, put all their freetime and energy into taking the gifts, sorting them, writing them down and then delivering them to every kid in need. Hard work, worthy of respect!

And everything was worth, because again we saw the simple truth, which makes our lives meaningful and happy– Bulgaria is full with kind people. They want to make the country better. Because it was neither we who made the gifts, nor us to bring them joy – you did. We were just middlemen. 

To all the volunteers of “I CAN”, who stepped up and worked for days in a row till after midnight, we express our endless gratitude! 

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