Marian, One of the first Bulgarian Children in Foster Families, Already has His Own Family

Marian, One of the first Bulgarian Children in Foster Families, Already has His Own Family

Marian Todorov, foster child of one of the first foster mothers in Bulgaria, aunt Kina from Kurtovo Konare, is already a grown up. And now he has created his own family.

The boy, who began his life in an institution and continued to study for priest, says that he met his wife Christina accidentally. After returning from work abroad in England, his friends organized a treat in a restaurant in Plovdiv, where he accidentally saw Christina, who was having dinner with her parents. He tries to treat her, but she refuses him. A few weeks later, at the same place Marian sees Christina again. Laughingly he says that she then decides to introduce herself out of pity. Already relaxed, Christina danced with him and then met him several more times. She convinced him that she was not a woman for him, because she had already one child and was a little older than him.

But he did not give up. They went at the sea together. And so the story continued. He dared and told Christina that he was an orphan and that when he has his own family, he would take care of a child from institution. So step by step they decided to become a family. "The child of Christina now is our child. My foster mother Kina has taken care of five children without parents and has taught me to love and respect childhood. Children are God's grace. So I love and accept the kid as my own, he has used to me and loves me. Now he even tells me 'papa'", says Marian.

The emotional connection between one of the first foster mother in Bulgaria and her foster son is very strong, years after the boy turned 18 years old. "I help mom and dad with whatever I can. I cannot live without them. I am happy that she is proud of me and is happy for my bliss. The two of them like Christina very much and are glad for me and for my life", says the grateful son.

Aunt Kina’s life turns upside down on Christmas Day in 2000. She read her poem, dedicated to orphans in "Rada Kirkovich" orphanage in Plovdiv. The children's eyes fixed on her, touched her and she wished to take home for the summer one of the children. Possibly the saddest one. So she took with her the 9-year-old then Marian. So far he has not been taken by anyone, but spent the entire summer vacation in Kurtovo Konare with Kina and Atanas. One day the child embraced Kina and said that if she returned him back in the orphanage, he will commit suicide.

"We must learn to forgive more and do good. Then God will be with us and will help us. Good entails good. When I face difficulties, something always happens and I cope with the problem". This is the life lesson that aunt Kina leaves for us, the foster parents.

Best man of the young Todorovi family is father Hristo Palankov, Marian’s classmate in the seminary in Plovdiv.

National Foster Care Association wishes them prosperity and happiness! We are glad that we are part of your life!


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