The Little Schoolgirl, the Easy Learning and the Big Steps

The Little Schoolgirl, the Easy Learning and the Big Steps

She was born and abandoned in an institution from the moment of her birth by an unknown father and a mother, who hasn’t finished fourth grade at school. While at the institution, her mother visits her 2 times a year. When she turned 3 years, she has just been moved from an orphanage to another one in a different city. The social worker decides to recommend the girl to be placed in a foster family, as she is reticent, both with adults and children. She has always been sad, sitting on a chair and has not played even with toys.

When she came home, she was 3-years-old, and she couldn’t chew, because at the orphanage everything is pureed. She has just been started to toddle, she didn’t talk. In height and weight she matched the age of a 9-month-old-baby. We, as foster parents, who have also been raised in institutions, embraced foster care as our mission and we began to love the little frowning and angry beauty. We took her for Christmas, it was a miracle for her and for us. We called her "princess" and so - with love, care and patience, she has become a real princess. She advanced quickly and succeeded in overcoming the lag.

But as the time was passing by, it became clear that the child will face a lot of difficulties. She had inherited disorder, she lacked well-developed logical thinking and when she started school, it was hard for her. Everything was going very slow and in a difficult way. The child was trying hard in the beginning, but eventually the need to make great efforts, made her give up the motivation she had. As an intruder came the laziness, she began to lie about the homework, she was cheating on school rules and obligations, only because her success, learning and assignments happened with great effort. Often our grown-up girl cried that it is difficult for her, very difficult. Instead of taking her to a study hall, we were helping her at home with the lessons and were trying to support her. However, the thing that worried us most was that she already lacked desire for learning, and that we didn’t know how to inspire her.

At the same time she had excellent grades. Well, I do not understand this "encouragement and motivation". This illusion is unfair to both the child and the parents.

Until one day she received a gift, a free subscription from the educational website “”. She probably thought that she would enjoy her favorite movies. She was a little disappointed when I told her that this is a program that helps children learn while having fun. She looked at me incredulously and frowned when I asked her which subject to open, in order to understand why it is fun and easy here to learn mathematics, Bulgarian language, "Man and Nature"... I continued to read, her smile was gone ... "…English language, "Man and Society ..." and she suddenly cried out, "Oh no, this subject is difficult for me!” We started with a subject, selected by her, we watched together a video lesson and did together an exercise and then let I her have fun.

My astonishment was enormous, she was really having fun. She understood what her real knowledge was, but that did not discourage her. She continued with "Man and Nature" and the even dared in the terrible subject "Man and society".

Suddenly the tablet went off and she ran to me to fix it, because she could not do the last exercise. I watched her all day, sitting somewhere and having fun. She was not even looking for me as before to tell me that it is hard and to ask for help. We are so happy that her desire to learn is back.

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