Foster parents become social workers to help vulnerable families

Foster parents become social workers to help vulnerable families

The National Adoptive Care Association, with the support of A1 Bulgaria, will provide emotional care and partial financial support to families living in poverty. The Parents+ initiative covers 9 regions in the country where the National Foster Care Association has its own coordinators – active foster parents. The parental assistance model will be applied to families where children live in poverty and have health, social or educational difficulties, with priority being given to single mothers of babies, parents of children with disabilities and elderly people looking after their grandchildren due to the migration of their parents.

Under the initiative, nearly 200 families will receive support from foster parents. For the purposes of the project, a Mobile Center for Information, Consultation, Training and Support of Adults at Risk was established and registered in the Register of Social Service Providers of the Social Assistance Agency. In order to adhere to the national legislation in the social sphere, the foster parents underwent 7 months of training, within 960 hours, at the Vocational Training Center of the Bulgarian Industrial Association and acquired the professional qualification "Social Activities Partner". This, in parallel with the training undergone in the framework of preparing for foster parents, guarantees the skills and competencies of the students to assist native families at risk. Foster parents involved in the initiative will cooperate with social services, municipalities, health authorities, labor offices to support parents with difficulties.

The certificates of professional qualification for the completed training were presented at a special ceremony at  the Bulgarian Industrial Association. The diplomas were awarded by the President of the BIA Radosvet Radev and the Minister of Labour and Social Policy Denitsa Sacheva.

"As a father of four children, I admire the responsible mission of foster parents. I am convinced that thanks to your care for children who suffer and cannot be with their families, you not only create personalities, but also reduce the public investment we would pay if the children you raised became dependent on the social system. I am convinced that the care of these children is an investment in our nation and in our economy in the long term.", commented the President of BIA ( The Bulgarian Industrial Association) Radosvet Radev during the presentation of the certificates.

 "It is our common obligation, not only to the institutions, but also to the foster parents, to present more good examples and good people. Because fears thrive on doubts about whether there are good people in foster care. I worry as a minister and as a person that we are not talking about distrust of institutions here, but about distrust of each other as a society. The initiative you are taking as parents and an association of foster parents – to help families who need support is a step forward in terms of the true mission and role of the foster parent – to support the family, to give consultation and advice, to serve as a navigator for families in the social, health and education system", Minister of Labor Denitsa Sacheva commented during the ceremony.

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