"Rescuers of childhood" Awards

The "Rescuers of childhood" Awards are given for contribution to the development of foster care in Bulgaria.

 Any new civic activity in our country, which has a high added value, can be sustainable and have a multiplier effect only if it focuses on the people who make it possible. In our country, we rarely publicize those who are "agents of change" and this prevents us from reinforcing the positive effect of the activity and mission of these people. In the social sphere, which often has a low social status, it is extremely important to show the face of the "Rescuers of childhood", because thousands of children experience a sad, full of violence, fear and deprivation childhood.


The initiator and founder of this initiative is the National Foster Care Association - this is the only Bulgarian non-governmental organization established by foster parents and professionals who believe that for thousands of children without parental care in Bulgaria the best alternative to living outside an institution is a foster family.


The National Foster Care Association works to promote alternative child care in the best possible way so that once a child has experienced loss or trauma, he or she is at risk of finding security, belonging and starting to dream and realize his or her dreams and potential.


The foster family not only gives security and protection to the child, but also a strong start in the upcoming independent life of the already young person. This makes the development of quality foster care an important mission in our society, which is still shaking off the legacy of institutional care, the inability of this care to give a strong start in the realization of children leaving institutions and the result of their failed employment, social contacts and talent.


Foster care preserves and develops the most valuable capital of a society - children. Foster care saves childhood.


NFCA promotes the idea of ​​a happy childhood, quality foster care, organizes events, campaigns and initiatives that encourage partnership between all to have fewer children deprived of parental care, as well as those who do not live in a family environment. NFCA is actively working to ensure that foster care is developed with the highest quality, because the children of Bulgaria deserve it.


The initiative is supported and funded by „A1”- the leading mobile operator in Bulgaria.

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