An Membership Request for membership can be send by email to: Application shall be considered filed if it is sent from the same email contact listed in the application.

After approval of your application, you will receive an e-mail. 



Regular member of the Association may be any individual who shares the objectives of the association. Signup for legal entities - beyond the founders is not allowed.

The application shall be presented to the Management Board. The Management Board of the Association is obliged to consider an application for membership at its next meeting.

To facilitate the application process, the application may be sent by e-mail, it is considered valid if sent by e-mail, referred to as the e-mail in the application itself. Send their applications to the address:



For significant contribution to achieving the objectives of the Association, as well as other contributions to the organization, including raising its prestige by decision of the Board may be granted honorary membership. Honorary member may be an individual person.

An honorary member may take part in the General Assembly with the right to vote. Honorary member may be elected to the bodies of the Association.