NFCA became 10 years old!

NFCA became 10 years old!

The National Foster Care Association became 10 years old!

Today we are celebrating the Day of the foster parent!

Dear friends, foster parents,

Dear members of the foster parents' association,

On October 25th, 2009 in the city of Plovdiv was established the National Foster Care Association. 22 foster parents, specialists and organizations decided to establish an organization that protects the interests of children placed in foster families, as well as the foster parents themselves.

Then, and now, our goal is one - to do everything possible for foster care to provide comfort, care and protection of children at risk, but as well as that to be realized in a qualitative and professionally developing way for all who do foster care - foster parents, social workers. We have always believed that foster care is a shared responsibility and supports children who need it, as well as their families.

We have experienced a lot for the previous 10 years. We were 70, now we are 900. In the association we support more than 400 children every year. We have independence. We do not receive funding from the state and we are open in our opinion about things that do not work and about those that can happen better.

We would like to thank Iliya Iliev, Svetlozar Rusev, Silvia Solidova, Ivaylo Simeonov, Elka Nalbantova and Tsvetelina Radulova for being part of the Management Board of NFCA and over the years have contributed to the development of the association. We thank Vera Kolesheva, whose work is the reason for creating NFCA. We thank Vanya Shalapatova from "For Our Children" and colleagues from the International Social Service- Sabina Sabeva and Metodka Petrova, as well as to lawyer Karshev for the support in the establishment of the association. We would not have been successful without the help of “A1 Bulgaria” and Neven Solidov, as well as Jasmina Vitanova, Gabriela Kostadinova and Yordan Hristov from “Artlogika”. The support of Georgi Bogdanov, who was among the first to fight in defense of foster care, is invaluable. Thanks to him and the support of the National Network for Children, we are moving forward.

We would also like to thank a special person for NFCA - Veneta Dilova. She was the first chairman of NFCA and remains in our hearts.

Ten years are not little time. We have 10 new ones ahead of us, in which we will continue to work together to have more happy children. We would like to enter the next 10 years with the feeling that we have done several important things: we have guaranteed social security for foster parents, we have motivated more young people, people with professions to become foster parents. Our dream is not to fight a constant battle with our social workers and to have more experienced and educated professionals to support us, and not just to control us. We also dream of a country where children are a value, so that there are no kids with a ruined childhood, who will need our support.

We continue together, friends!

Important: Due to the local government elections, the "Rescuers of Childhood" ceremony, during which we will celebrate the 10th anniversary of NFCA, will be held on November 15th, 2019.

Thank you for your trust and support,

Miroslav Dolapchiev

Ginka Ilieva

Maria Blagoeva

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