Parents +: " The different people and their mothers"

Parents +:

No one wants to think about what happens to children who, in addition to being abandoned at birth, were not fortunate enough to be in flourishing physical and mental health. Their chances for a family and a normal childhood are doomed in most cases. They are usually part of the statistics on the number of abandoned babies,  the only thing we know is that institutions  take care for them. And then our consciousness throws this information somewhere aside, so that we don't get upset.

But different children also have names, smiles and dreams. Meet Georgi, who recently turned 20 years old. A young man in the prime of his physical strength, but born mentally retarded. Even with the best of intentions, he would not be able to take care of himself and survive. Unlike many other boys and girls with similar health problems, Georgi meets Plamenka. Four years ago, he was one of her children at the Rehabilitation Center, and now - part of her family - her adopted son.

"When I decided to become a foster parent, I was sure that Georgi was my best child," says Plamenka. She is a teacher of education and her children have already flown out of the family nest. However, she still has a lot of love in her heart and decides to accept one of those unwanted children in her home and give him motherly care.

Of course, the beautiful tale of Georgi and Plamenka cannot pass without vicissitudes. With the coming of majority age of Georgi, the legal term for foster care expires. Then to the family the options they were facing got reduced to two - "return" him to the state, or continue to care for him unselfishly and gratuitously.

"I can't give him back to them. He will be sent to a home for the mentally retarded and that will be the end of it. I will not allow it! He will stay with me, whatever it costs us, " Plamenka says categorically.

Although he is already 20 years old, Georgi is now in 12th grade and has been studying in a special program. He will not complete secondary education, but only a class, as he does not meet the criteria for obtaining a diploma. He is happiest when he takes care of animals. This is his great talent.

With the help of the foster parents from NFCA, who work on the A1-funded program "Parents+", Georgi remains in Plamenka's family. They receive financial support from the school preparation initiative. Unfortunately, with his disability pension of BGN 137, Georgi could not even buy textbooks.

Unwanted children also have names, smiles and dreams. Even when they are no longer small and defenseless babies. Hopefully, more of them will meet their Plamenka. “A1” supports the National Foster Care Association in this cause.


The “Parents+” program helps families in a vulnerable economic situation by providing them with the means to buy the most important things for their children and family. Because we want families to stay wholesome. Because we believe that this support is an investment in a safe childhood. The program is implemented with the financial support of “A1 Bulgaria”, in which nearly BGN 100,000 are invested for a period of 2 years.



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