Parents +: " The rebel who wants to become a military doctor"

Parents +:

Probably most of us remember with sympathy our teenage years - endless parties, first romantic thrills and, of course - rebellion against annoying parents. For the 16-year-old Martin, rebellion in this version is impossible. Having lost his father in tragic circumstances and without receiving care and attention from his mother, Martin is one of those children who grew up quickly and prematurely. When he is free from school activities, he takes care of the household. Perhaps for this reason, the revolt inherent for his age is predominately aimed towards the injustice in the world, and in unison with this, his favorite band is the well-known to the older generation of Russian rock band "Kino".

Martin is among the numerous vulnerable children for whose foster parents from the National Foster Care Association ( NFCA) help with the A1-funded “Parents +” program. In this case, the most necessary support is with funds that will bring the boy closer to the realization of his dream - to become a military doctor. As part of the initiative, he receives assistance in preparing for school and a one-year subscription to digital lessons to help him not only during his high school education, but also in his future application to university.

Martin is serious, maybe too serious for his age. He considers every word and generally behaves like a much older person. He looks like a little shy, but he certainly makes a strong impression of a purposeful and responsible young man. His foster parent is his grandmother, who is unfortunately so ill that the boy actually takes care of her. He also receives help and advice from his aunt, but it is clear to most people that in this transitional period a boy needs much more. It is impressive that given the independence and responsibility that have fallen on his shoulders, Martin dreams of becoming a military doctor. "I think it's because of his grandmother's illness - he wants to be a doctor so he can help people," shared his aunt.

"I want clear rules, clear responsibilities," says Martin himself. The revolt against the world in his case is aimed at a future noble goal - to save lives. Therefore, the “Parents+” cause has an important role to play in supporting Martin and other children to grow up to be military doctors and to prevent the risk of losing the boy’s hold.

 The “Parents+” program helps families in a vulnerable economic situation by providing them with the means to buy the most important things for their children and family. Because we want families to stay wholesome. Because we believe that this support is an investment in a safe childhood. The program is implemented with the financial support of “A1 Bulgaria”, in which nearly BGN 100,000 are invested for a period of 2 years.

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