Parents +: "Between despair and hope"

Parents +:

Borislav still has a hard time walking. He is 9 years old and his mother Iveta has to do a lot of the things necessary for everyday life instead of him. No, neither Borislav is lazy, nor his mother spoiled him.

The reason for the latter is Cerebral Palsy, which has appeared in their lives. The shortest description of this condition is that it affects the control of muscles and movement. The reasons can be numerous, and the disease degree can be different. But no treatment has been found so far.

"When Borislav was born, everything seemed great. We really wanted a child and we were happy. But when it turned out that he didn't learn to sit up until late time, he didn't learn to try to walk, we realized that there was a problem.", Iveta recalls herself.

When you hear such a diagnosis about your child, numbness is probably the first thing you experience. And after that comes despair. Iveta cannot continue to work so that she can take care of Borislav round the clock. Thus, the family's income is reduced to a minimum, and they have only limited support from their relatives. Borislav studies at an individual training.

What is clear to doctors is that although there is no treatment, physiotherapy can achieve very good results. Thus, hope returns to Iveta's heart and eyes. One of the doctors' recommendations for the child is to wear special orthopedic shoes. But the more special they are, the more unaffordable they cost the family.

Foster parents from the National Foster Care Association believe that orthopedic shoes are the most appropriate way to help Iveta's family. With them, Borislav takes much more confident steps. The assistance provided by NFCA is part of the A1-funded “Parents+” program. Its purpose is precisely to inspire hope and help vulnerable families to reduce the risk of separation between parents and children.

Iveta is confident that with the strength of her mother's love and the necessary therapy, Borislav will continue to improve.

The “Parents+” program helps families in a vulnerable economic situation by providing them with the means to buy the most important things for their children and family. Because we want families to stay wholesome. Because we believe that this support is an investment in a safe childhood. The program is implemented with the financial support of “A1 Bulgaria”, in which nearly BGN 100,000 are invested for a period of 2 years.

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