The "profiteers"- Gergana and Georgi Yankulovi, who gave home to 9 abandoned children, adopted 2 orphans and now take care of other 6 ones


Do you want to know how a family from Haskovo with one child turned the lives of nine children into a fairy tale by adopting two and opening their home so far for other six orphans? When the Lord blesses you with a child, the only way to give thanks for that blessing is to give your gift of God with all the love you are capable of. That is what we, the (non)heroes think. However, Gergana and Georgi Yankulovi family from Haskovo find another way to express thankfulness - as they walk their difficult path to parenthood, they vow to give home, love and parental caress to at least one child who has not been a blessing to their family.

Thus, in early 2009, their 4-year-old biological son then got a brother - almost a peer of him. Today, Gergana is laughing when she is telling how, as a joke, they become parents for the second time. They are a young family with their own child, and adoptions at that time were difficult. "But in less than six months we already had another son. Probably because we had almost no requirements - neither for ethnicity, nor for age. We said to each other which child they would give us, he/she would be. Because of our son, I entered a home for the first time.", Gergana remembers the beginning of her family story.

Almost immediately, the grown-up family went abroad. Their adopted son has had developmental problems. He was anxious and cowardly, it was difficult for him to communicate with people. They found out that the little one has dyslexia, but for his adoptive parents that was not a problem, because love was the best cure for everything.

For Gergana and her husband, the meeting with the children from the home, their son's problems, completely solvable, but deepened in the home due to lack of special care, were the turning point in which they already knew that they would open the home and their hearts for other abandoned children. And when they returned to Bulgaria two years later, they became foster parents. After the first child placed with them got adopted, they adopted their first baby girl.

The little girl has had some health and motor problems, which is why three prospective adoptive parents gave up on her. Gergana and Georgi accepted it as a sign - this is their little daughter who they very, very much want to have. She was adopted in 2013, when the little one was one year old. Today there is no trace of motor and health problems. "It only took a little rehabilitation and treatment.", Gergana shared.

Since then, the family has sent four more babies to their adoptive parents, currently caring for a fifth one.

So Gergana and Georgi create a fairy tale for a total of 8 children. Two of them have stayed at their home forever. Five have found their parents thanks to the chance to be in the foster family, instead of in an institution, which set them free from accumulating deficits in communication, education, development, as a whole. In fact, for nine of them, because their biological son also lives in the fairy tale.

Gergana and Georgi claim that in fact the real heroes, the ones who have turned their lives into a fairy tale, are the children - their teachers and inspirers for charity. And they are adamant that they will continue to open their homes to them.

Many parents who have fought for a child and have one, cling to it and do not even notice the problems of the children around them. But this is not true for Gergana and Georgi. They have their own child, but they are ready to accept into their homes the souls of all the children in the world, if they could. And they accept as much as they can, especially those that no one else wants, as evidenced by their history. These are the real heroes of the children who "see" them, despite their own problems.

How many people are able to adopt children when they have their own? Not many. And how many people are able to adopt a child that no one wants? Well, I don't know any. Rather, I did not know until fate met me with Gergana and Georgi.


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