The National Foster Care Association and A1 awarded "Rescuers of Childhood"

The National Foster Care Association and A1 awarded

At a ceremony marking the 10th anniversary of the National Foster Care Association, the children's organization and Telecom A1 presented the Rescuers of Childhood Awards for the fourth time.

 In 2019, the National Foster Care Association awarded "Rescuers of Childhood" to three foster families. Galina and Alexey Angelovi from Sofia took care of five foster children. Foster parents Snezhana and Yanko Turlakovi from Stara Zagora receive the " Rescuers of Childhood" award for caring for special children. Now the family is taking care of a little girl, but their first foster boy with Down Syndrome still lives in their home - now 20 years old. The foster mother Elenka Manolova from Haskovo is the third awarded foster parent. Elenka took care of 3 children, and the last one accommodated with her has many disabilities, including mental retardation and 100% deafness. Despite the suggestions from the social workers from OEPG to take the child out and place him in a specialized institution, Elenka did not give up and continued to take care of the child.

 The foster parent - the rescuer of childhood is Vanya Velikova from Haskovo. She has adopted a child who has a serious health problem. Two social workers were also awarded for " Rescuers of Childhood" - Desislava Georgieva from the Regional Foster Care Team in Veliko Tarnovo and Hristina Kehayova from the Center for Public Support in Haskovo.

The Municipality of Kazanlak was awarded the " Rescuer of Childhood" for the care and attention that employees show to foster parents. The municipalities have supported the foster mother with funds for surgical intervention and implants, which are not covered by the NHIF. The children's organization - rescuer of childhood became the association "Equilibrium", which actively supports children and foster parents in Ruse area. The Vocational School of Tourism in Vidin and its headmistress Evlogiya Mandjukova were honored for providing quality educational support to children from foster families. The school has 6 foster children from the city.

The National Foster Care Association awarded BNT journalist Mira Dobreva with the award "Rescuer of Childhood" for the overall support to children at risk, the TV show "New Home Brigade", which repaired (repairs) the home of foster grandmother Natasha and the web portal "Mama Ninja".

 The National Foster Care Association presented awards for "Child Rescuers" to three doctors. The ophthalmologist Dr. Ivan Georgiev from Smolyan received the award for his initiative with his colleague Dr. Lalov to examine children for free in foster families from Smolyan, as well as to make glasses for free for every child who needs them. Dr. Plamen Filipov, head of the children's ward at the Vidin hospital, received his award for the quick and timely response of a baby in a foster family at 20 days, discovering that the child needed urgent surgery. Dr. Filipov took great care of the baby after the intervention and provided him with a free vaccine to protect the newborn from lung problems. Dr. Pavlina Vlahova, a pediatrician from Pleven, became the "Rescuer of Childhood" for the invaluable help for a foster child with impaired motor skills and eye problems. Dr. Vlahova supported the foster mother in caring for the child until the end. The boy is now adopted in America.

Three companies were also awarded the "Investor - Rescuer of Childhood" prize. Kaufland Bulgaria received the award for its support to foster parents for providing products for babies and young children. The Bulgarian State Railways received the award for providing transport and preferential price conditions for holding summer camps and events for children and foster parents, and „Groupama” Life Insurance Group was awarded for its support to high school graduates leaving foster care.

A1 Bulgaria and the International Social Service - Bulgaria Branch were awarded a special prize for the 10th anniversary. The first chairman of the children's organization Veneta Dilova, the specialists Vera Kolesheva, Elka Nalbantova and the founders Ivaylo Simeonov, Iliya Iliev, Svetlozar Rusev, Silvia Solidova, Ivanka Shalapatova were also awarded with gratitude.

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